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Those who exercise regularly are at significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. the body becomes much more efficient at defending itself and regenerating new cells.


Exercise boosts brain power increase your brain power by pedaling researchers from the university of Illinios found that 5% improvement in cardio-respiratory fitness from cycling led to an improvement of up to 15% in mental tests. that's because cycling helps build new brain cells in the hippocampus the region responsible for memory which deteriorates from the age of 30. It boosts blood flow and oxygen to the brain which fires and regenerates receptors. 


It shouldn't really come as a surprise that weight loss is one of the big benefits of regular cycling, but it bears repeating lose weight by riding your bike can also burn more fat. Sports physiologists have found that the body metabolic rate the efficiency with which it burns calories and fat is not only raised during ride, but for several hours afterwards. Even after cycling for 30 minutes you could be burning a higher amount of total calories for a few hours after you stop, and as you get fitter, the benefits are more profound. One recent study showed that cyclists who incorporated fast intervals into ride burned three and a half times more body fat than those who cycled constantly but at a slower pace.


Help prevent cancer maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise, and a conscientious diet ( think a lot of leafy greens, lean proteins and healthy grains ) all helps lower your risk in cancer. Cycling is good for you, forget apples, riding the way to keep the doctor at bay. Moderate exercise makes immune cells more active, so they're ready to fight off infection. In fact, according to research from the University of North Carolina, people who cycle for 30 minutes, five days a week take about half as many sick days as couch potatoes. 


It's no surprise that excise in general ( and cycling in particular ) helps improve yourself esteem. The next time you take the perfect mid ride selfie, your body will release a whole bunch of feel great hormones that will make you feel like you can take over the world. 


Scientist at Stanford University have found that cycling regularly can protect your skin against the harmful effect of UV radiation and reduce the signs of ageing. Increased circulation through exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells more effectively while flushing harmful toxins out. Exercise also creates an ideal environment within the body to optimize collagen production helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and speed up the healing process. 


Twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space as one car. It takes around 5% of the material and energy used to make a car to build a bike, and a bike produces zero pollution. Bikes are efficient too, you travel around 3 times as fast as walking for the same amount of energy and taking into account the fuel you put in your engine you do the equivalent of 2,924 miles to the gallon. you have your weight ratio to thank, you're about 6 times heavier than your bike, but a car is 20 times heavier than you. 


Being more physically active improves your vascular health, which has the knock-on effect of boosting your sex drive, one study also concluded that male athletes have the sexual prowess of men 2-5 years younger, with physically fit female delaying the menopause by similar amount of time. meanwhile, research carried out at Hardvard University found that men aged 50 who cycle for at least 3 hours a week have a 30% lower risk of impotence than those who do little exercise.


Even if you're miserable when you saddle up, cranking through the miles will lift your spirits. Any mild to moderate exercise releases natural feel good endorphins that help counter stress and make you happy. Just 30 minutes sessions a week can be enough to give people the lift they need.

ENJOY RIDING YOUR BIKE................

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