Saturday, October 15, 2016


Aloguinsan is a fourth income class municipality in the province of CebuPhilippines. By road is 59 km (37 mi) southwest of Cebu City
This trip is instant a matter of few txt and go....with my best of friend Padit and cousin Jen. Cebu is my second home so the moment i visited here i'm always trying to reach the other side of Cebu's treasured beach. the first plan is explore the place of toledo ( why in toledo? because that's the place of my cousin ) but since we miss each other long talk conversation the night after the escaped so the result is puyat tagbaw og istorya since long talk carried us to late sleep. kaya hindi nagising ng maaga kaya the plan to explore toledo has been cancelled. so we processed to our second option to reach the hermit's cove of aluguinsan.  

so the escaped begun in riding a multicab / habal-habal to reach the destination ...but first we drop off at aluguinsan public market to buy some food stuff.

Special acknowledgement to my dear friend Edelweiss Cutas and Jennie-lyn Bacho. ( my travel buddy )


---From Cebu City ride a jeep going to south bus terminal fare Php7 ( if you are in the corner of elizabeth mall ( e-mall ) you can just walk to reach the south bus terminal )

---From south bus terminal ride a Bus ( fare Php70 ) or VAN ( fare php100 ) going to Toledo
---From Toledo ( poblacion ) Mercury drug store in-front of 7 eleven is your landmark ride a multi-cab direct to aluguinsan ( fare Php35/pax ) 45 min. travel

---ride a tricycle to pinamungahan mercado ( fare Php25/pax ) ( i suggest to ride in a multi-cab for your convenient )

---drop off at pinamungahan mercado, From pinamungahan mercado ride a tricycle to aluguinsan public market ( fare php15/pax )

---drop off at aluguinsan public market, from aluguinsan market ride a habal-habal to reach the hermit's cove ( fare Php100/pax ) note: if you are two passenger you can divide the 100pesos fare for 50pesos each. but if you are only one passenger you will pay 100pesos for the fare one way.

---the driver will drop you off first at farm house for the tourist record proposes. ( travel time from habal-habal is 15-20 mins ) going to hermit's cove the road is slightly bumpy and rocky road.

---entrance fee Php100 with cottage


---at the beach no smoking and drinking policy
---if you come late here the staff will give you a consideration for just a few minutes to stay but at 6pm they are strictly close.
---the beach is close at 6pm
---no overnight at the beach
----get ready for your stamina because the hermit's cove has 88 steps to reach the beach area
---in getting a habal-habal driver make sure that you are fix or negotiate will with the rate because some driver take advantage ( i recommend Mr. Eumar Sulto for your habal-habal driver just contact him at 09334277446.

and after the long day of adventure we decided to take a few drinks at 7eleven convenience store and the rest are history ( long talk of laughter moments )




Anonymous said...

Really helps a lot. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi we are planning to visit hermits cove, i would like to ask if there cottages is safe, i mean can we leave our gadgets and enjoy the beach?
Your response will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.