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Climb Mt. Kapayas in Carmen Cebu, JULY 22-23,2016


--7am meet-up at Cebu North bus terminal
--7:30 start to travel ( Carmen 3 hours travel ), ( mini-bus non aircon fare Php30 )

--10:30am Arrival at Carmen 
buy some food stuffs ( 3 meals ) at Carmen public market
we are all 13 mountaineers attempting to reach Mt kapayas peak ( Php50 contribution for 3 meals budget )


--11am ( meet up with guide ) start to ride habal-habal to get to the jump off area ( fare Php50/pax )
get ready for the bumpy / rocky road in reaching the jump off area

 I suggest to ride in a big size of motorcycle for your convenient and safety purposes try to consider the not so good road way.

At the jump off area estimated trek is 1 hour and 30mins to 2 hours long walk ( before the trek, small talk orientation pro's and con's upon reaching the peak, location, trail, pakilala  / pailala to co- mountaineers since this is our first time meet up, and prayers for our guidance. 

--11:45am start the trek up hill

this are the scenery you may encounter along the way ( more of corn fields, green mountains, rocks, animal like horse,cow, goat )
fresh air and a beautiful sorrounding

half way of the climb ( a minute of rest to store-up the energy )

--1:50pm finally arrival at the jump off on the way to the peak
rest and take our late lunch ( pack lunch )

at the jump off area going to the peak
a very accommodating home owner assist an welcome us ( they also have a sari-sari store wherein you can buy some food stuff and a super cold soft-drink for a refreshing treat to your long way of walk. ) you can also used their CR ( traditional C.R ) and cooking area. a good credit to the owner i forgot his name.

--2:30pm preparing to reach the peak of Mt. Kapayas

this is your scenery going to peak ( uphill, downhill, climbing/ holding to the big / pointed rock, roots of the tree, a lot of cliff area, so  consider extra precaution are very necessary )

Always wear comfortable and for mountaineering shoes to fit in all circumstances you may encounter at the peak.

estimated trek walk is 1 hour and 30mins. to 2 hours ( in our case its rainy day, so worse into worsted prepare for some moody / slippery area encounter. 

--3:40pm at the peak of Mt. Kapayas ( with two love birds )

at the peak, the view is so nice 360 degree view with a bonus scenery of fog that come and go at the peak ( so perfect to captured the moment with the nature at its best )

the group picture at the peak.....yehaaay.......
we spend around 30mins at the peak ( just chill and enjoy the view with unlimited picture taking )

--4:20pm prepared to go back to the jump off area ( again 1 hour and 30 mins walk )
--6pm at the jump off area ( start to prepare dinner )
--7pm dinner time ( sorry no photo at dinner night ....kay gikapoy pag.ayo .)

--8pm Social ( small talk ) and BMC ( question and answer / discussion / pro's and con's / safety for mountaineering tips and first aid )
--11:30pm light off.......


--5:30am wake up call ( light breakfast )
at the camp site ( with doggie on the guard )

--6am preparing for breakfast
--7:30am breakfast time


I highly suggest to coordinate will to your guide be sure that your guide is committed to your time schedule plan to avoid conflict or wasting of time waiting. ( in our case our I.T plan is we have an schedule for caving activity but for some misunderstanding communication and not well coordinated caving plan did not happened to be experience. ( this served us a lesson to learned....that's life anyway )

--11:40am start to trek ( again 1 hour and 30 mins. walk )
groupie rest for awhile

--1:30pm at the jump off going back to the City ( again ride a habal-habal to reach the City 20-30mins travel ) note still i suggest ride a big size motorcycle for your convenient and safety if possible ride with no pair just you and the driver for your comfort. ( fare Php80 )

--2:10pm at the Metro of Carmen ( prepare for the side trip at the beach )
buy some food stuffs for late lunch and snack

--3pm at the beach Raniola beach resort
perfect to wash up and relax at the beach / chill- chill

--5:30pm prepare going back to the City of Cebu
ceres bus aircon fare Php65
--8pm home sweet home

other expenses:
Ranila beach resort
 entrance fee- Php20/pax
cottage - Php100
guide fee - Php210/pax 
( inclusion of guide fee is climbing fee and other permit and also take note that your guide is the one in-charge for your climb permit at the local barangay )


Always bring extra cash for emergency


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