Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Booking your ticket at airline is the most important thing to do, when you wanted to travel at your budget. and airline is the most accessible  and convenient to reach your destination at the shortest of time.

-----first thing first to consider when booking, here is my tips be alert on holiday's date most specially national holiday. In the Philippines there are 21 number of holiday's a lot of holidays to be noted here are the dates.....

----January 1 - New year's day - Regular holiday
----Jan 2 - Public holiday - Special non working holiday
---February 8 - Chinese new year - 1st day of 1st lunar month
----Febuary 25 - People power revolution - Special non working holiday
----March 24 - Maundy Thursday - Regular holiday
---March 25 - Good Friday - Regular holiday
----March 26 - Black Saturday - Special non- working day
---April 9 - the day of valor - Regular holiday
---May 1 - Labor day - Regular holiday
-----June 12 - Independence day - Regular holiday
-----July 6 - Eid'l Filtr - Special holiday
---August 21 - Ninoy aquino day - Special non working holiday
-----August 29- National heroes day - Regular holiday ( last Monday of August )
----September 11- Eidul Adha - Special holiday
-----October 31 - Public holiday - Special non working holiday
----November 1 - All saints day - Special non working holiday
----November 30 - Bonifacio day - Special holiday
----December 24 - Christmas eve - Special non working holiday
-----December 25 - Christmas day - Regular holiday
----December 30 - Rizal day - Regular holiday
---December 31 - New year's eve - Special non working holiday

----for sure all the airline will be on lowest fare rate on or before the holiday alert on this...mostly two - six month travel period.

----- and, one thing, if you wanted to cut's more of your bill rate, cut off also the baggage capacity ( just use your baggage allowance, hand carry /  try to try light ) and cut off also the seat reservation / choosing where you wanted to seat. in cutting this it will help you a lot to low more your fare rate.

------and my last tip is buy your ticket fare six months or one year before your travel period in this case you can save almost 80% or if your lucky enough a 100% of  ticket fare rate. this is proven this is always my style in my case to booked on very lowest rate. 

be on at the airport ahead of your departure time at least 2 hours of your departure time you are already in the airport ( you are already check -in / just setting and waiting for your time departure ) to avoid conflict ....this is also for your convenient to avoid rushing things around. 


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