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Villa bayot was constructed in 1880. During the Commonwealth period, President Manuel L. Quezon is said to have danced the tango in its halls and slept in its finest bedroom. The Japanese used it as their garrison. In 1944, the American liberators shelled and bombed the capital but the big house was spared. It came under guerrilla siege to dislodge the Japanese, but it remained unscathed. 
In 1946, President Roxas visited Masbate and stayed in this house briefly to dance the waltz. His hosts were Don Francisco Bayot and his granddaughter, 1937 Miss Philippines Chita Zaldarriaga. 
Miss Philippines 1937 Chita Zaldarriaga
 Since when i was a child ( a story from my mom and aunties ) that this house is a miraculous, because at that time their was a flame burning of fire all over the place at that area all the houses near the place was burn only this house was remain  as older says because of the Santo enchiro help to stop the fire burning. this house is open every Friday for the devotees of Santo enchiro.
The Bayot family became the wealthiest and famous family in Masbate before. this house is also full of antique furniture ( such as chandelier, chair, cabinet, table, and a lot more ), religious images and photo images of their clan.
This is an holy oil lighted by small fire happen to apply ( just a small amount ) to whatever part of your body that is hurt or in pain.
 If you are here in Masbate fell free to visit Villa Bayot to witness and saw the miraculous Santo enchiro and the 1880 built antique house ( one of Masbate tourist attraction to experience )


Villa Bayot is just near at the pier area ( you can just walk to reach villa bayot )
---from the down town area ( quezon st. ) ride a tricycle ( fare php8 ) just tell the driver to drop you off at the Santo enchiro or Villa bayot.

NOTE: Villa bayot is only open every Friday from 8am-7pm


By bus

There's a daily trip going to Masbate via RORO bus, the terminal is locate at Cubao, this is part of the nautical highway, the bus will be carried by the RORO boat, from Pilar to Masbate City port, is just ₱1,050 one way for aircon buses, ₱800 for one way for ordinary my link to know the travel schedule of the buses

By plane

Airphil express, flying daily is now the only carrier from Manila to Masbate as Zest-air ceased flying to Masbate in May 2013. Cebu pacific also flies four times weekly from Cebu to Masbate having taken over the vacant Zest air slot. Please be aware that both airlines can and do cancel at very short notice, and it is not unusual to be returning to either Manila or Cebu when in flight due to poor weather conditions at Masbate. Both airlines leave from their respective terminals during early morning. click my link to know the travel schedule of the airlines

By boat

Via Pilar in the province of Sorsogon. By Fastcraft, it is a two hour ride from there, much longer if using other ferry options, which is what most of the people traveling to and from the province use. There are also boats from Lucena in Luzon and Cebu in the Visayas.
Via Cebu Montenegro ferries, trans asia shipping and 2go travel are your choices from Cebu to Masbate. click my link for travel schedule of the ferries


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