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TRAVEL GUIDE: Amazing LEGASPI ( Sunflower farm, Embarcadero de legaspi, Lignon hills ) explore the secret place of ALBAY

So excited to share with you my travel experience in Legaspi Albay. I've been here many times this was probable my 3rd home. i guess......but this trip is different because it's my solo trip adventure here in Legaspi Albay. ( i already conquer my solo adventure in Camiguin Island. this time rock on to y 2nd time  SOLO adventure )

home of mayon, the world's most active perfect-cone mayon. every time i'm here in Legaspi, this place always amazed me ( nakakaakit ang kagandahan Mt. Mayon)...a lot of beautiful places to explore here in Albay


( Kawa-kawa hill, Ligao City )

this place is perfect. it will make you smile the moment you saw the sunflower blooming under the heat of the sun.

in coming here you should consider the month wherein sunflower perfectly bloom ( month of May to August )
i come here month of April 2015 ( not all sunflower are blooming, some die because of the weather not a good luck for me but still sunflower welcome me here )

at the old building ( right before the starting point of the trek going to kawa-kawa hills ). their an area filled with sunflower. ( still a good luck for me ) yehaayy!!!!

in here, ( kawa-kawa hills ) sunflower is not the only main attraction it is also a place for reflection. reconciliation to God. 

station of the cross. life size religious images ( up hill trek going up each station ).


1.-going up here make sure that you are in good mood prepare your stamina for walking all up hill.

2.-bring water, towel, sun-glass

3.-good luck for walking marathon up hill ( more or less 30 mins. walk )

if your already tried and exhausted no worries a lot of refreshment / snack area are available up there. ( located at station 6th and station 14th )


---i suggest to come here at afternoon ( around 2-4pm ) para hindi masyadong mainit.


--the 360 degree view up

---ambiance / over looking the City of Legaspi / fresh air

---a little reflection prayer to God to all the blessing

---you may also try there ATV ride for Php100 ( 30mins ride )

---don't forget to try the Legaspi oldest ice cream since 1954

around 2pm my Ligao City exploration ended, i still have time to explore the City of Legaspi. i decided to drop off the Saint Gregory the Great Cathedral of Albay which structure inspired by the Spanish era. this is also one of the oldest church in Legaspi.

and side trip to Legaspi City hall down to freedom park and to battle of Legaspi Pylon. since it's still the month of celebration of Magayon Festival a lot of booth stall for souvenir items, food vendors, etc...etc..

Legaspi City Hall

Freedom Park

battle of Legaspi Pylon


Revisited lignon hills, i been here before but i heard a lot of new things here to enjoy and must try. breath taking 360 degree view of the City at it's famous view deck on the hill top.

if you wanted to see close up view of Mt. Mayon Lignon hills is the perfect spot for your photo captured moments.


prepare yourself for up hill trek ( more or less 30 mins. walk up hill ) but you will never be disappointed coz upon walking the view is perfect over looking the City of Legaspi and other places.

because of my excitement to see the up close Mayon. I've arrived here at around 9;30am and get registered for their famous zipline. ( i said to the guide i will make zipline the moment the Mayon is clear view. I'll just wait for it, but i'm not expecting to wait for too long.......i guess it's not my good luck because the Mt. Mayon is to shy to welcome me at this moment. the Mayon is all cover of clouds.

but since my mission is to see up-close again the Mt. Mayon at this place. i wait, and wait, and wait ( my patience testing me harder and harder ) i arrived here at around 9:30 am and the Mayon welcome me at around 4:47 pm....WHAT!!!!!?????......almost 8 hours of waiting to see you again up-close here in Lignon hills.

but the reward is priceless. you always amazed me every time i see you Mt. Mayon ( kakaibang karisma mo na hindi nakakasawang titigan )

all my long time of waiting replace by happiness and smile out my face because finally you welcome me...( as local say...if you saw the Mayon all clear, the Mayon is welcoming you .......and thank you for that...Mayon )

Now, that Mt. Mayon is all clear view spot. it's time to take the zipline ( long time waiting zipline with mt. Mayon view )


additional photo for zipline may cost Php50/photo
ordinary zipline---Php250 with free 1 photo
superman style---Php350 with free 1 photo


if your planning to go here, come here at lake afternoon around 4pm-5pm. at that time 90% the Mayon is full view shoot perfect to take lovely photo's.


after my activity of waiting up.  decided to drop off at Japanese tunnel. the historic and mysterious tunnel used by the Japanese in world war 11. these are the subway passages constructed by Japanese Imperial army. these served as both their path to the different parts of the province and refuge during american bombing. 



a lot of amenities to offer here from dining, shopping, entertainment. this is located in victory village. the premier waterfront lifestyle hub in Legaspi City. open from 10am to 12 midnight

you may also try their extreme activities


you can rent here a bike ( rate from Php50-80 per 30 mins. ) stroll around the boulevard with the ambiance of Mt. Mayon, the sea boarders, sleeping lion mountain formation.

a perfect place to unwind and relax and have fun with family and friends.

a lot of bar and restaurant to choose from ( pag-inabutan ng gutom ) also available mini barbecue station, buko juice, balut, mani,etc...etc....


i suggest to come here at afternoon around 4pm. perfect sun set to experience with Mt. Mayon.


by air....

PAL express ( Manila- Legaspi ) T,TH,S

Cebu Pacific ( Manila- Legaspi )
( Cebu - Legaspi )

by land....

Bus ( from Pasay / Cubao terminal to Legaspi ) travel time 10-12 hours. fare range php800-1000.

by sea.....

several shipping lines have regular trips from the Visayan region to the ports of pilar, bulan and matnog in sorsogon via RORO, and land travel to legaspi from these port takes approximately an average of 1-2 hours. regular trips are also available from virac catanduanes to tabacl city, and from there the travel time to legaspi takes an average of 3-4 hours.


----at down town of Legaspi go to Legaspi grand central terminal.
---ride a van / jeep going to Ligao ( jeep fare php35 / van fare Php40 ) 1 hour travel

---NOTE: i suggest to ride a Van ( to avoid hassle time because jeep they always go to stop over to pick up passengers )
---just tell the driver to drop you off at the kawa-kawa hills enter section.
---from the kawa-kawa hills intersection ride a tricycle going up to the start point of the hills. ( fare Php8 ) 5 mins. travel.


click my link


---from down town Pacific mall ride a jeep going to rawis or tricycle. just tell the driver to drop you off at the embarcadero.
---or ride their free shuttle

---going to Legaspi boulevard....from embarcadero more or less 15 mins. walk



Masbate- Pilar ( fast craft )-------------------php390
Pilar-daraga ( van ) ---------------------------Php70
commute tricycle / jeep ( day1 )-------------php45
legaspi-ligao ( jeep )--------------------------Php35
tricycle up to kawa-kawa hills + tip--------php58
ligao-legaspi ( van )--------------------------php40


commute jeep ( day2 )-------------------php34
entrance fee lignon hills-----------------php20
zipline--------------------------------------php250 with free 1 photo shoot 
souvenir shirt-----------------------------php140
japanese tunnel donation---------------php25
extra photo-------------------------------Php50


commute jeep ( day3 )----------------php50
souvenir item---------------------------php300
daraga-pilar ( van )--------------------php70
pilar-masbate ( RORO )--------------Php230


Mrs. Lany Cahilig
Dra. Rachelle U. Delos Santos
Mrs. Cede A. Rejuso

for my free accommodation at La Roca Veranda Suites and Restaurant and Carlo's Hometel bed and breakfast.


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