Monday, April 20, 2015


a lot of beautiful places to explore at the south side of Cebu. here's my few list to explore the south of Cebu.

ARGAO, CEBU68 kilometers ( 42 mi ) from Cebu

at Argao nature park

Argao is well known for their TORTA for pasalubong. they have also a lot of places to explore.

 at the riverstone castle

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 at agta cave

at bugasok falls

BADIAN, CEBU98 kilometers ( 61 mi ) from Cebu

a very famous Kawasan Falls. when you say badian, kawasan falls is at the bucket list

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CAR-CAR, CEBU40 kilometers ( 25 mi ) from Cebu

this shoe is 7.6 meters in length, 2.9 meters wide, and 3.6 meters tall

Car-car is a cebu shoe capital, a place of leather product. they are making shoes, sandals,slippers,etc. you can reach their product made at the high way area or at the malls and tiyangi. at very minimal price and the very famous chicharon, ampao, and banana chips.

DALAGUETE, CEBU84 kilometers ( 52 mi ) from Cebu

Osmena peak is the highest peak in Cebu approximately 1000 meters above sea level ( 360 degree view at the top )

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Dalaguete is the little Baguio of Cebu because of it's weather and different variety vegetable  

MOALBOAL, CEBU89 kilometers ( 55 mi ) from Cebu 

this one of the best beach in Cebu because of its white sand and clear blue sea. moalboal this is also a marine sanctuary. surely you will enjoy what you will see underwater ( different kind of marine species )

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OSLOB, CEBU170 kilometers from Cebu

Oslob is a famous place of whale shark watching ( butanding ). whale shark is the largest living non mammalian vertebrate.

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SAN FERNANDO, CEBU32 kilometers from Cebu

 at hidden paradise

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a perfect place to relax at the heat of the sun

SIBONGA, CEBU65 kilometers from Cebu

Sibonga is famous because of SIMALA Monastery of the holy Eucharist. the Miraculous Virgin Mary.

Monastery is very strict when it comes to dress so proper dress code is allowed 

TALISAY, CEBU13 kilometers from Cebu

a relaxing place sea view ( bike, run ) and a lot of restaurant to choose from if your hungry. 

at SRP a lot of establishment ( Malls, Condo, Hospitals, Park, etc. ) are on going soon to establish

enjoy your tour.......


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