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TRAVEL GUIDE: How to explore Legaspi City

Legazpi City is the administrative center and largest city of the Bicol Region. It is also considered as the center of tourism, education, health services, commerce and transportation in the Bicol Region.
Mayon Volcano, one of the Philippines' most popular icons and tourist destinations, is partly within the city's borders. Legazpi is located on the east or Pacific coast of Albay province, specifically on Albay Gulf. The city comprises two districts: Legazpi Port, and Albay District. Legazpi's nickname is the "City of Fun and Adventure".

How to get from Legaspi??

By land:

The most common way to reach Legazpi is via land transportation. A trip to Bicolandia, also called the ‘South Road’, is one of the most scenic and easy long drives to take. An early departure from Manila is advisable for motorists. For those bringing a vehicle, leave early morning, and make sure to assign at least two drivers who can alternate during the eight-hour drive.
Air Distance between Manila and Legazpi: 340.43 km / 211.54 mi

Road Distance between Manila and Legazpi: around 391.49 km to 425.54 km / around 243.27 mi to 264.42 mi
For those taking the bus, There are several bus liners that have daily operations between Manila and Legazpi. Buses range from ordinary coaches to deluxe coaches with modern amenities.
Travel time ranges from 9 to 12 hours. Visitors can choose from day trips (passing by the scenic Maharlika and Andaya Highways) or faster overnight trips. Tourists can also proceed to any point of Bicol Region from the Legazpi City Grand Terminal, a new state of the art transportation facility in the heart of the city.
Or click this link for more schedule trip of bus:

 By Air:

Philippine Airlines Manila to Legaspi or Cebu Pacific airline Cebu to Legaspi or Cebu to Naga

From Masbate:

Masbate is part of bicol region ( it's just like neighborhood )

---note: I suggest to travel early in the morning so that you have much more time exploring the area the moment you arrive early in Legaspi.( 3am first trip Masbate to pilar )

---in my case I choose Masbate, from Masbate ride ( roro vessel ) going to Pilar ( fare php230 ) 3.45 hours travel.

--from pilar port ride a van going to daraga ( van fare php70 / 45mins. Travel ) or jeep ( fare php50 1 hour travel ) I suggest to choose van for convenient purposes.

---from daraga ride a jeep going to Legaspi ( fare php10, 15mins. Travel )

---and welcome yourself to Legaspi a lot of things to do ( if you arrived early, start your day right )

How to get to lignon hills

----from Legaspi area ride a jeep going to lignon hills ( jeep signage loop 1 ) just tell the driver to drop you off at lignon hills ( fare php9 )

---from the tennis court start to hike up hill

--if you are from daraga take a tricycle from centro to tagas just tell the driver to drop you off at the tennis court.

Lignon hills open at 8:00am to 11pm

Entrance fee----php20

Amenities: zipline ( php200 ) / hanging bridge ( php150 ) / Japanese tunnel ( php10 ) / ambiance 100% beautiful / food perfect / just enjoy and relax……..

How to get to daraga church ( oldest church in daraga )

---if you are from tennis court of ( lignon hills ) take a tricycle going to daraga church ( proper negotiation is a must for the fare rate ) mr. driver charge me php30.

--if you are from Legaspi area ride a jeep bound to daraga via old albay district ( 15mins. Ride ) fare php8.

How to get to the famous cagsawa ruins

--if you are from daraga church you can take a tricycle ( pakyaw style ) going to cagsawa ruins ( still negotiation for the rate is a must ) I still suggest to take tricycle to avoid cutting trip from one area to another. Mr. driver charge me php50. ( not bad )

--or if you want from daraga church ride a jeep going to camalig, then from camalig ride a tricycle going to cagsawa ruins.

---if you are from Legaspi ride a jeep bound to camalig, guinobatan polangui.

---if you are from daraga proper town ride a jeep and drop off at highway intersection going to cagsawa.

---entrance fee ( cagsawa ruins ) php10

In cagsawa ruins, a lot of souvenir items to choose from, from orchid plants, food, pastilles, mt. mayon souvenir items, and more. I’ve been here in cagsawa when I was a kid way back 1995 ( I’m just 9 years old ).i still remember we used to climb the ruin together with my brother and take some photo up in the ruins. From 1995 ngayun na man lang kita nasilayan. Nakakamiss ka rin pala…heheh….I’m still expecting same views and set-up about the place, but time pass by (  and because of the typhoon Yolanda ) a lot of things / set –up changes here. Same expression my dear cagsawa ruin the moment I saw you before and now, you still amazed me about your beauty.

Note: if you wanted a picture perfect from the ruins, there are locals photographer approaching their service ( just give them a tip after )

the moment we arrived medyo shy type si Mr. Mayon ( cloudy ) hindi siya makita, kaya medyo patient is a must if you really wanted to see the beauty of Mayon.

Where to eat:

--in Legaspi a lot of restaurant to choose from ( try also small talk café they are also best in bicol express ) located at 051 dona aurora st. Legaspi.

--I highly suggest at the colonial grill ( try there sili ice cream for a change ) you can also try the famous dishes of Legaspi the laing and bicol express.
Location : g/f pacific mall , lanco business park Legaspi or the other branch at villa amada bldg.. rizal sto. Daraga.

Where to stay:

---a lot of hotel to choose from ( from high end to low end )

---we stay in hotel casablanca, but I well not recommend this hotel for your stay simply because of their low maintenance when it comes to comport room issue.

For a friendly budgeted hotel you may try:

Dream inn and café
Location: just in front of pacific mall and lanco business park f. imperial st., capantawan Legaspi
(052) 4800885
Room rate start at  php500- php625

Magayon hotel
Location: penaranda st. Legaspi city ( beside old Legaspi PNR train station )
(052)2143121 / 2143919
Room rate start at php600 – php700

Way of transportation is tricycle and jeep fare start at php8 ( if you wanted to tour the Legaspi city in a budgeted way just hired a tricycle ( for pakyaw ) just negotiate will for the rate.


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Mark Louie said...

thanks! this post is a great help. :)