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Explore from NORTH to SOUTH of CEBU ( TOP picks BEST destination )

In Cebu a lot of beautiful places to explore. Here's my top picks best destination you can’t resist to visit and witness the beauty of Cebu.

-----Start from the south:-------

1. OSLOB, Cebu

 Oslob Cebu  is where the butanding is the start a lot of tourist is going just to encounter in person the giant butanding.

how to get there?

 south ( oslob )

----go to south bus terminal ( sunray bus / ceres bus )
every 25 mins. interval
----just tell the driver to drop you by at brgy. tan-awan for the whale shark watching.
----at the resort pay payment for whale shark watching fees.

tips for whale shark watching:

--- do not touch the whale shark.
--- do not make bubbles at the sea.
--- 3-5 meters away from the shark.
---- no flash of camera underwater.
---- do not put sunblock.
---- just relax and enjoy.

travel advice: 

----- going to oslob take the first trip ride at 3am so that you could be there as early as 6am to start whale shark watching to avoid also the number of people. 
---- at 1pm the operation will be close.


-- south bus terminal - oslob tan-awan--------------- Php145 ordinary  ( 3 hours ) 
---- resort entrance fee ------- Php100
--- whale shark watching ------Php300
---dive with shark ------------ Php20
----snorkel gear - --------------Php25

NOTE: --
if you have more time and you still want to explore more in Oslob just click my link below:

2. MOALBOAL, Cebu 

moalboal is rich in marine sanctuary, surely you will enjoy snorkeling here.

 how to get there? south moalboal

---if you are from oslob take a ride to bato it take less than 30 mins.

--- from bato take a ride to moalboal it take more than an hour.

---- drop off at the moalboal elem. school.
----- from moalboal elem. school take a ride going to resort ( habal-habal or tricycle )

---- or if you are from cebu ( down town ) ride a jeep going to south bus terminal ( fare php7 ) just tell the driver to drop you off at the terminal.

---- from terminal ride a bus going to moalboal, just tell the driver to drop you off at the moalboal elementary school. Then take a ride of habal-habal going to the beach.

----- you may choose basdako or basgamay.

----in basdako you can set up tent for overnight no charge, but you will pay fees for the comport room usage and water for shower.

tips at moalboal:

----moalboal is well known for the perfect corals. moalboal is one of the diving sanctuary so don't forget to bring your snorkel to witness the beauty underwater.

---- take an utmost care of yourself at the sea. And don’t forget your sun block.


--oslob - bato ( bus ) -------------------------------------- Php20 ( less than 30 mins. )

---bato - moalboal ( bus ) ------------------------------ Php70 ( less than 1 hour )
---moalboal - resort basdako ------------------------ Php25 per pax (one way habal-habal or tricycle )
--- brgy. entrance fee -------- Php5
--- resort entrance fee -------- Php10
---shower fee ------------------------------- Php20 per pax
--- comfort room fee ---------- Php5

3. KAWASAN FALLS, Badian Cebu

kawasan falls is very popular here in cebu. kawasan falls has 3 level of falls. 

how to get there: south badian??

--- from moalboal resort ride tricycle or habal-habal going to moalboal

--- take a ride going to kawasan falls ( ceres bus ) it takes 20 mins. ride 

---drop off at matutinao beach resort in front is kawasan signage way or just tell the driver to drop you off at kawasan falls.

---- 1.5 km walk going to kawasan falls.

---or if you are from cebu ( down town ) ride a jeep going to south bus terminal ( fare php7 ) just tell the driver to drop you off at the terminal.

-----From the terminal ride a bus going to badian, just tell the driver to drop you off at the kawasan enter section.

just enjoy the 3 level of the falls ( walk and relax )

here's the 1st level of the falls:


here's the 2nd level:

here's the 3rd level:

tips at kawasan falls:

---take an extra careful in every steps for the slippery part.
---enjoy the beauty of nature. 

---don't forget to buy souvenirs made by the local's.

you may also try to feed the fish by your dead skin ( you may encounter this, going to 3rd level of the falls. )

-----moalboal - kawasan ----------------------------Php20 ( 20 mins. ride )
----kawasan entrance fee ---- Php10
----if you are from cebu to badian----------- Php125 ( ordinary )

  4. DALAGUETE, Cebu 

dalaguete is the little Baguio of cebu because of the vegetable product ( carrot, cabbage, potatoes, etc. ). this is also the perfect hiking spot of the mountaineer to rich Osmena peak the highest pick in cebu. along the thrill you may encounter vegetable farm.

at the peak, you can social to some other mountaineer ( up the pick just enjoy the view at the so cold weather )

 don't forget to bring extra cloths and pair of sacks for cold or a comfortable jacket to comfort you from cold. and batteries / head light for your light.

how to get there: to south  dalaguete??

----from near carbon market terminal ( near caltex gasoline station ) ride a bus going to dalaguete ( php100/pax fare ).
----at public market of dalaguete starting point to hike up to osmena peak.  estimated hike 3-4 hours ).
----you can also get a tour guide at the public market just in case you don't know the thrill way going to the peak. just negotiate for their price rate. 

5. AGRAO, Cebu

here in agrao a lot of beautiful places to go, here's my another link to enjoy in argao
just click my link below:

 how to get there: South agrao??

---from the down town of cebu ride a jeep going to citilink. just tell the driver to drop you off there. ( fare php7 )

---at citi link terminal or south bus terminal you can ride a bus / van going to argao

-----and from the north side of cebu-----

1. MEDELLIN, Cebu ( funtastic island )

a very simple and elegant island for me.

how to get there:north medellin?

 i suggest to travel early in the morning for less traffic. for us we travel 4am at 6:20am we arrived at bogo.

--- from north bus terminal - bogo ( ceres bus aircon - fare Php135 )
( note: you can directly travel to kawit going to medellin ( north bus - kawit ) for us we decided to drop at bogo to buy some stocks. )

--- at bogo, hired a tricycle priced at Php25-30/pax going to kawit. ( you can also ask the drive to drop you off first at the market to buy some foods. )

-- at kawit sea shore theirs alot of fresh catch fish you can buy for a low price.

--- kawit to funtastic island ( hired a bump boat rate at Php600-800 (2 ways) 4-7 pax capacity 30mins travel) note: negotiation for the price is needed. the bump boat man will wait for you or they will pick you up the time you wanted too.

things to pay at the funtastic island:

> entrance fee------------20/pax
> cottage price--------------250 - 800

note: no corkage for the food you can used there grilled area.

tips: bring your own water for drink to does tie in budget.

total expenses:

--- north bus- bogo--------------------135 ( bus )
--- bogo - kawit----------------------------30 ( tricycle )
-- kawit- funtastic island-----------------------------------175/pax ( pump boat 700 for 4   pax (2ways
---entrance fee-------------------20/pax
---cottage fee----------------------------62.50 ( 250 )

want to explore more in medellin? here's my another link. just click it below:

 2. MALAPASCUA Island, Cebu 

Malapascua is a paradise, Malapascua is famous of thier treasor shark and a lot of diving spot to enjoy.


how to get there: north malapascua??

---from cebu go to north bus terminal
----from north bus terminal ride a bus going to maya wharf ( 4 hours travel )
----from maya wharf ride a bump boat going to malapascua island ( 30 mins. )


i suggest to travel early morning to avoid traffic and do not cutting trip coz it's more hazel on your part. and last to catch-up the travel period going  to malapascua island.

--- maya wharf 1st trip - 6:30am
last trip - 3:00pm
in malapascua a lot of staff from the resort will offer there services island hopping, snorkeling, diving, etc. and they will take you to your resort accommodation so no worry.


--- if it is peak season i suggest to book early for your accommodation.
--- proper negotiation for tour package is highly needed.


--home - northbus ------------------------------------110 ( taxes 15-20 mins. travel )
--northbus- maya wharf------------------------------163 ( ceres bus ordinary 4 hours travel )
---maya wharf - malapascua island---------------80 ( pump boat 30 mins. travel )
---island hopping---------------------------------------175/pax ( 700 package 3 destination /  4 hours tour )

i suggest morning for island hopping to enjoy the beach less sun light heat
---land tour ( bantigue cove / gimbitayan )------60 - 15/pax / one way
---tent fee-----------------------------------------------450 - 150/day for 3 days
--souvenir ( t.shirt / magnet souviner------------185
---malapascua - maya--------------------------------80

i suggest to travel late morning to avoid the low tide additional fare....

---additional fare ( malapascua - small bump boat ---------20----bec. its low tide ( less than 5 )
---again additional fare ( bump boat - maya wharf ) -------20 low tide ( less than 5mins. travel)
---north bus - home sweet home------------------117 ( taxes )

for food soorry nakalimot nako kung pila to na bill per meal. to make it budget friendly for food you can bring some food to cook or eat at barbecue station sa kilid-kilid coz expensive sa restaurant...hhehehe

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3. BANTAYAN Island, Cebu

bantayan is one of my favorite island, simply because of there beach ( clear water / white sand ) and the local of course plus the food you will love it specially the sea foods. and lastly the party people at night when you come her in holy week a lot of things to enjoy in this island.

how to get there: north bantayan??

----from the elizabeth mall down town cebu ride a jeep going to the north bus terminal ( 01K jeep ) fare Php9
----from the noth bus terminal ride a bus ( ceres or rough rider ) going to hagnaya ( 3 hours travel ) 140 fare  
----every 30 mins. interval sa mga bus so no worry 

---from hagnaya ride a ferry ( island shipping or super shuttle ferry ) going to sta. fe  1 hour travel - 150 fare

---at sta.fe port ride a tricyle to your resort destination resort.

Things to enjoy in this island???the pure white sand, the sea food, and party at night

the beach....

the food.....

and party people at night....

suggested cheaper resort / lodging:

---hard knock kafe / kiwi kottages - 0920-6681268
fan room - 550
aircon room - 750
family room - max. 9 pax. - 250 per pax

----nordic inn ( right beside tristan resort and philips engs - 0919-4705298
fan room - 500
aircon - 700

---Rr lodging haus - beside marlen beach resort. 4389999/ 0929-8370589 ( raul )
fan room - 700 ( 4 pax )
small room - 400 ( 2 pax)

---( my favorite ) budyong beach - 4385700 ( ronalyn)
300/ per day tent w/ 50 entrnce fee
your own tent

---marlin beach resort - 4389093 ( jojan )
500/ per day tent w/ 50 entrance fee
your own tent

: rate my chance specially holy week days

estimated budget:

bus ( two way )........................................... 280 
ferry ( two way )....................................... 300
terminal fee ( two way )...........................60
accommodation ( tent ) 3 days........1,500
foods ( 3 days )..............................................800
pocket money................................................500


how to get there: north san remigeo??

Another option is to take a bus (very cheap) from the North Bus Terminal in the reclamation area near the S.M. Mall.  Look for the Ceres Bus Liner "Daanbantayan, Maya via Bagay" and for about P100 per person each way for ordinary and about P150 per person for aircon each way,

If you are driving your own car, just take the National Hiway north going to Bogo, then turn left in Bogo going to San Remegio


hike Mt. Manunggal wherein late Pres. Ramon Magsaysay plane crash. a lot of mountaineers hike here specially month of March for the celebration of Ramon Magsaysay died anniversary.

5. How to get there: north balamban??

At jY square lahug a lot of habal-habal drive is offering ride going to manuggal, you can hired a habal-habal going to mt. manuggal ( just negotiate will for the price ) 

enjoy your trip......

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