Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BORED?? ( get outside and try outdoor activities )

are you bored? and always stress?

here's my top list must try, to put a little bit smile on your face and to try new things that will give new meaning to yourself.

1.     Bike the street of cebu----

 try to joined in a biking society they have an weekly or monthly depending on the group activities. Padyak / sikad ( Cebuano local terms ) . This is also fun you will encounter different people.. 

2.     Helmet diving in Boracay island-----

you must try this, this is once in a life time experience. Helmet diving is diving with a helmet on your head so that you can breath underwater ( so cool ). You can talk ( pero ikaw lang din ang makakarinig ), walk, and best part is feeding fish getting close to you. 15 feet to 20 feet dive. And this activities last for 15mins to 20mins.

3.     Kayaking in bantayan island cebu----

bantayan island is one of the best island in cebu, plus engaging in kayak activity is a plus, kayaking plus enjoying the breath taking view of the island ( pure white sand and clear blue / green sea )

4.     Mountain climbing in Davao del sur-------

reach the pick of mt. apo davao del sur-----there’s a lot of mountaineering club you may try to joined them. As mountaineer says is not the mountain that you conquer its yourself. This is a test about your strength, courage, trust about yourself. Your reward for this climb is when you reach the summit mind you, lahat ng pagod mo tanggal the moment you saw the view up high. encounter the beauty of nature. 

5.     Duatlon in balamban cebu------

with my team mate

duatlon is different from fun run simply because fun run is you just run in the flat surface of the street while duatlon is the two combination of sports the run and bike( in the trail mountain, river, moody area ) this is also fun way of tasting your limit. How long is your extra miles in running.

6.     Wall climbing in cebu----

wall climbing is also fun. This is how to manage to carry yourself up the wall. Kung pano mo dadalhin ang bigat ng katawan mo. For the beginners they have a coach welling to teach you the basic and how to climb properly for your safety.

7.     White water rafting in Cagayan de oro-----

water rafting is where the adrenaline rush bump your heart deeply with excitement and takot. Every rapid you crossed your heart is bumping it hard and harder na mapapasikaw ka talaga ( scream it loud, louder as you can )

8.     Zipline in liloan cebu

( the longest zipline 800 meters )---- this is the longest zipline I’ve experience. From one island to another. Its just like you are flying.

9.     Cliff diving in Medellin Cebu-----

cliff diving is for the people na buo ang loob na tumalong ng 25 feet above the ground ( or napilitan lang kasi sa tuksuhan…hahaha ) this experience is also different you don’t know what you feel inside para kang sasabog sa kaba ( to jump or not to jump at the cliff ) you will be thinking a thousand times to jump or not to jump.

10. Slide in giant slide at samal island davao del sur-----

Samal is a perfect way to relax to chill it is very assess able  just an 15 mins. away from the city of Davao.

11. Snorkeling in Malapascua island Cebu----

in cebu a lot of tourist spot for snorkeling malapascua is one of them. Malapascua is very known for the treasor shark. This is one of cebu's Marine sanctuary.

12. Zorb ride in Boracay island-----

zorbing is also good, it’s just like you get inside in the big balls them the ball roll over to the ground ( 20feet vertical position )

13.Water adventure in talima olanggo island cebu

you will surely love this having fun under the sun.

14. Canopy ride in tree top adventure, Baguio

this is just like a zipline or cable ride, you are hang up their the only difference between the zipline is you are seated all the way until the rides is over. You will saw the perfect view up high.

15.Tree planting in Cebu

tree planting is a great experience, planting for the future, fighting the global warming by planting many more trees.

16. Fishing in liloan Cebu

try this, this is fun and exciting. catching a fish for your meal, if you don’t have a catch fish you can’t eat. This is a challenge for yourself how big is your patients in waiting to catch a fish.

Hope this activity help……for sure if you try one of this activity you will surely enjoy and you can resist to try it again and again. 

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