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Visit masbate ( the cattle country of the Philippines )

Masbate City is located on the Island of Masbate (pronounced (mas bah ti), which is in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. The Province of Masbate is composed of 3 major islands, Masbate, Ticao ,and Burias. Masbate Island is boomerang shaped and easy to locate by looking directly in the center of the Philippine Islands. Masbate City is the largest city on the Island and geographically located on the North Central coast of the island. 

The language of Masbate is Masbateno which is very close to illongo (spoken in Iloilo). English and Tagalog are also spoken and taught in all schools.

There are 30 Barangays (or villages) and a estimated population of over 250,000 (in 2008) in Masbate City which is the fastest growing city on the Island. 

How to get to Masbate:

By bus

There's a daily trip going from Manila to Masbate via RoRo bus, the terminal is located at Cubao in Quezon City. This is part of the Nautical Highway, the bus will be carried by the RoRo boat from Pilar to Masbate City port. It costs ₱1,150 one way for a/c buses, ₱850 for one way for ordinary buses. There is a trip in the opposite direction leaving Masbate Pier at 11:30am.
A RoRo bus also departs Masbate City daily at 8:30am bound for Cebu City, using the Montenegro Lines boat to Polambato. Fare is ₱800.

By plane

AirPhil Express, flying daily, is now the only carrier from Manila to Masbate as Zest-air ceased flying to Masbate in May 2013. Cebu Pacific also flies four times weekly from Cebu, having taken over the vacant Zest air slot. Please be aware that both airlines can and do cancel at very short notice, and it is not unusual to be returning to either Manila or Cebu when in flight due to poor weather conditions at Masbate. Both airlines leave from their respective terminals during early morning. UPDATE, May 2014: Cebu Pacific no longer lists Masbate in any of their timetables, so flying direct to/from Cebu is not currently an option.

By boat

Several boats per day depart Pilar in the province of Sorsogon on Luzon to Masbate City. By Fast craft, it is a 1.5-2hr crossing and costs ₱400, much longer if using other cheaper ferry options (3hours+, ₱250).
Two RoRo ferries leave daily at midnight from Polambato Port (just north of Bogo on Cebu Island), bound for two different destinations on Masbate. Montenegro Lines crosses to Cataingan on the western side of Masbate, while Super Shuttle Ferry operates a boat to Cawayan in eastern Masbate. Fare is ₱365 for Montenegro, ₱380 for the Super Shuttle. Both crossings take about 6hours and the return trips leave their respective ports at midday,
Asian Marine Transport Corporation runs a weekly ferry from Batangas (departs 9pm Tuesdays, ₱555) and Cebu (departs 12pm Sundays, ₱555). The ferry actually runs all the way from Cagayan de Oro on Mindanao via Cebu, (₱960 all the way to Masbate).
There are also boats from Lucena in Luzon.
Trans Asia Ferry Company runs a ferry to Cebu city on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00PM (arriving 8:00AM). It was also running on Sundays, but that no longer seems to be the case as of May 2014. Their schedules can be found here
Montenegro Ferry Company runs a daily RORO ferry to Cebu, leaving from the port in Cataingan (south of Masbate city) at 12:00 noon. Montenegro buses leave from the port in Masbate at 8:30AM to connect to this ferry. Cokaliong shipping depart from cebu port at 7pm arrive at Masbate port at 6am ( fare php720 ). 2GO shipping ( cebu via ormoc via Masbate ) depart at cebu port 6pm arrive at Masbate port 8am ( fare php680 ).


The Rodeo Masbateño Festival is an annual event which takes place in Masbate City which showcases skills in livestock handling, such as lassoing, wrestling, and riding cattle. Also included in the event are a fair and exhibitions and trade of cattle and horses. The event has taken place every summer since 1993 in the province of Masbate, which is traditionally considered the “Cattle Country of the Philippines.” Rodeo Masbateño festival is celebrate every month of April. ( whole week of celebration )

Lapay bantigue dance festival ( month of September )

lapay Bantigue Dance Festival It is celebrated annually during the City Anniversary on 30th day of September. It is a local dance art festival that originated from the graceful movements of hovering birds known as seagulls or the LAPAY, found abundant in Barangay Bantigue, Masbate.  Flocks of lapay seagulls created a marvelopus scenery and inspired the old folks to come up with a local folk dance, that since then has exited and has become an important aspect of the local culture of the people of Brgy. Bantigue and the entire Masbate. 

Here are some hotel to choose from:

Green view hotel 
located at Nursery St. City of Masbate.
For Hotel Reservations or Availability contact

056-333-6241 (if calling from inside the Philippines)
63 56 333-6241 (if calling from outside the Philippines)
63-9206119650 - mobile phone.

Baywalk Hotel 
welcomes Masbate visitors and tourists with the beautiful surroundings and friendly staff. Baywalk offers more rooms than any hotels located in Masbate proper. For more information and availability please contact Baywalk Hotel at Telephone Number (056) 333- 6648 or cell 09073042331. If calling from outside Philippines please dial the country code (63) prior to the number.

Seaman's Hotel 
located at 28 Danao Street, Barangay Bapor, Masbate City. For inquiries and reservations you may call Telephone (056) 6672-333.

SeaBlick Hotel 
is related to the MG Hotel
which is very close by.

For more information contact:
056 333-6911 (if calling from within the Philippines)
63 56 333-6911 (if calling from outside the Philippies)

GV Hotels Masbate

Danao Street, Masbate City
Tel. :+63 56 333-6844

 Here are some restaurant / café / bar to choose from:
( for now a lot of establishment are opening for restaurant and bars )


Name of Establishment
Ibingay St., Masbate City
Bulalohan Restaurant
Ibingay Blvd., Masbate City
CFT Restaurant
Cagba, Tugbo, Masbate City
D’San Restaurant
Quezon & Tara St., Masbate City
Eden’s Cafe
Airport Rd., Masbate City
Eden’s Plaza
Rosero St., Masbate City
Jonas Snack House
Tara St., Masbate City
Lantau Restaurant
Ibingay Blvd., Masbate City
Masbate Snack House
Domingo St., Masbate City
Park ‘N Eat Fastfood
Ibingay Blvd., Masbate City
Pizza Italiano
Ibañez St., Masbate City
Rendezvous Hotel
Punta Nursery, Masbate City
Snappy’s Snack House
Ibañez St., Masbate City
Shimmery Land
Ibingay Blvd., Masbate City
Winvel’s Restaurant
Zurbito St., Masbate City
St Anthony Restaurant
Quezon St., Masbate City
Xiamen Restaurant
Ibañez St., Masbate City
Tita Baying’s Food Haus
Domingo St., Masbate City


Name of Establishment
Angeline’s Bar
Rosero St.,Masbate City
Quezon St., Masbate City
Lantua Videoke Bar
Boulevard, Masbate City
Maui Bar
Kinamaligan, Masbate City
Morning Seven
Boulevard, Masbate City
Nichioh Laser Disc
Tara St., Masbate City
Punong Bar and Grill
Quezon St., Masbate City
Rancher’s Bar and Grill
Tara St., Masbate City
Rendezvous Bar
Boulevard, Masbate City
Roger Bistro Bar
Nursery St., Masbate City
Ibañez St., Masbate City

Just in case you have allotted time in Masbate try to visit my link below to enjoy more in Masbate.


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