Monday, February 2, 2015

osmena peak ( highest peak in cebu )

Osmena peak is the highest peak in cebu. i been here many times way back does college days and now welcome back osmena peak again.

------for does who do not want to hike for a long hours, you can hired a habal-habal php100/pax from dalaguete public market going to peak area ( from the area start to hike about estimated 20mins hike your at the peak na.)

----along the way of your hike you may encounter some variety of vegetable farm.

----at the peak their a lot of kid's offering there service's ( they will get you water to drink, soda,or liquor ) just give them some tip.

-----at the peak the weather is unpredictable, the sun may up, the sun may down, the fog will come out and the area will be zero visibility.

------at this time the weather is not so good, so cloudy all the views are cover-up by fog..fog...fog anywhere.

-------at the peak enjoy the view and the place. just take a simple relax and have a light social talks to other climbers up there.

-----side trip.........if you have a long day of time you can take a trek all the way to kawasan falls ( one of cebu best tourist spot )

---alot of local's offering there service to be your tour guide going to kawasan falls ( estimated time of walk 4-5 hours )

how to get there:

----from near carbon market terminal ( near caltex gasoline station ) ride a bus going to dalaguete ( php100/pax fare ).
----at public market of dalaguete starting point to hike up to osmena peak.  estimated hike 3-4 hours ).
----you can also get a tour guide at the public market just in case you don't know the thrill way going to the peak. just negotiate for their price rate. 

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