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my top pick street food in Cebu

Cebu is my 2nd home, because Cebu open my eyes in a lot of things.

The city is located on the eastern shore of Cebu island. It is the first Spanish settlement and the oldest city in the Philippines. For me Cebu is a very good / nice place to stay. Cebu also known for a lot of title such as the queen city of the south, a very well known the sinulog festival, bacilica de sto nino de cebu, people are warm and kind, beautiful beaches / island destination, tourist spot ( many to mention ),etc….etc….etc….. but for me Cebu is also the best when it comes to street food. ( whenever I’m here I try to drop off once In awhile to my favorite street food location )

------This is my top food street-------

1.   Siomai sa tisa ( a lot of siomai version in cebu but siomai sa tisa is the one for me )

When I’m eating siomai I will not forget her partner the pancit canton ( original flavor by lucky me ) and puso ( hanging rice )…hehehe plus very cold soft drinks.

Location: siomai sa tisa is located at labangon ( tisa area ) siomai sa tisa open at night beacause they just set-up their stall at the highway. ( there are some open in the morning but for me its more nice eating siomai at night. )

------going to tisa------- just ride a jeep going to labangon just tell the driver to drop you off at siomai sa tisa ( very well known place you will not be lost ) ( jeep signage 12G,12I,12F )

Price rate: very affordable php6/pc. Siomai , php14 for pancit canton, php9 soft drink, php3/pc. For puso.

2.   Balot

Note: I love to eat balot at night coz its already dark, I could not see inside the shell. Hehehe……#16 lang para hindi Malaki ang sisiw.

Location: at night halos kanto-kanto my balot…hehehe……but for me since I stay in labangon, I just go to Salvador ext.
Price rate: php15/pc.

3. fresh Buko juice

I really love this to drink, fresh buko with milk…..lalo na pag.summer or tig init na……..its a very refreshing drink.

Location: in cebu a lot of buko juice stall are available ( sikatuna, colon area, mandaue, urgello, or lako, etc. ) but for me I go to the nearest in my place still the labangon area in katipunan.

------just ride a jeep going to labangon ( 12G/12I/12F) you will just see buko stall along the highway.

Price rate: php10-20/buko jar

4.   Kara’s chicken

Karas chicken for me is the best chicken in all street food chicken I tasted. Maybe because this is my old time favorite way back does college days coz its so near in my boarding house a very accessible to eat. This time marami na silang franchise but still sanciangko area is still the best taste for me.

When im eating here my ultimate combo partner are the chicken, skinless, puso ( hanging rice ) plus cold soda…hehehe

Location: sanciangko st. ( along sogo hotel right side area, left side area is university of cebu )

Price rate: chicken ( legs part ) php28/pc., skinless php7/pc., puso php3/pc., soda php9.

5.   Ngohiong

Ngohiong…….this is also my old time favorite ngohiong with a perfect sauce ( in cebu a lot of ngohiong version, but what I love must is the ngohiong in ngohiong express )
When I’m eating ngohiong I partner it with siomai in bacon roll….hmmmmm….yum…yum…….plus puso ( hanging rice ) and cold soda

Location: ngohiong express for now, they have many franchise almost all area in cebu even in malls. ( labangon, colon area, urgello, mandaue, lapu-lapu, ramos, etc. )
Price rate: ngohiong php8/pc. , siomai bacon roll php14/pc., puso php3/pc., soda php9

6.   Larcian barbeque

Larcian is also a trade mark of cebu. In larcian a lot of choices when it comes to barbeque almost all kinds of barbeque.

Location: it is near fuente osmena or chong hua hospital (  just ride a jeep going to Guadalupe or capitol and tell the driver to drop you off near larcian )
Price rate: barbeque from php5/pc. to php70/pc.

7.   Sweet corn / pinaypay, bananan cue, toron

Sweet corn is also one of the product of local cebuano’s ( from busay area ) and of course ang walang kamatayan na banana cue, pinaypay

Location: in colon area, carbon area near university of san jose recoletos  you can find a lot of vendors selling sweet corn and banana cue

Price rate: sweet corn php20/pc.,pinaypay php8 to php12

8.   Kaang ( cebuano’s local term ) it is a sea food on sticks

Kaang is one of my favorite sea food….yum….yum……sea food on sticks

Location: at colon area at night you can caught a vendor man selling kaang, or at the carbon area near university of san jose recoletos.
Price rate: kaang php5/pc to php20

9.   Balbacua / larang / nilat-an

Balbacua, larang, nilat-an is one of the local food of cebuano’s

Location: in cebu maraming ang nagtitinda ng larang, balbacua, nilat-an, humba, etc. ( jones, mandaue, lapu-lapu, cordiva, ramos, etc. ) but still I love my own place labangon ( near tisa siomai )

-----going to labangon just ride a jeep going to labangon ( 12F, 12G, 12J, 12I )

Price rate: from php30/serve to php50/serve

10.               Tempura / coated peanut ( specially with sugar coated )

My favorite Picka-picka while walking or just simple stop at the corner and enjoy eating.

Location: almost all the corner my makikita kang vendor selling peanut. Or if you want same price of peanut but more peanut ang binibigay try to drop at corner of university of san jose recoletos maraming vendors diyan. Or the tempura mas masarap ang sauce nila near sto nino church.

Price rate: temputa php10 for 3 pcs., peanut php5/pack to php10/pack

11.               Pungko-pungko

Pungko-pungko or magduko-duko a Cebuano term, its just like eating at the open air of highway. A lot of variety of choices ( chicken neck, skinless, ginabot, shrimp coated with egg, assorted inter organ of pork, ngohiong, siomai, and a lot more.
Location: at lunch time or dinner time nagsusolputan sila ( patok kasi sa students ) abellana area,colon, sanciangko, jones, ramos, mandaue, lapu-lapu, urgello, labangon, etc. halos lahat na area sa cebu ( sa sulok-sulok lang okay na )

Price rate: from php5/pc. to php25/pc.

-----------at very minimal budget mabubusog ka rin plus a big factor experiencing eating street food once in awhile.

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