Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TRAVEL GUIDE: halea beach resort ( san miguel island monreal masbate )

-----experience the secret paradise of this island that i can called the little palawan of Masbate.

-----halea beach is one of a kind with a beautiful breath taking view, the resort is over the top of the mountain ( rock formation ). this is also a marine sanctuary protected by the masbate bantay dagat organization, different kinds of marine spices you may encounter underwater.

how to get there::::

you have a different chooses on how to get here in halea beach resort san miguel island monreal.

----choose 1. from masbate pier you can hired a pumpboat direct to san miguel island rate from php4000-php8000. depend on how many number of passenger. 

-----choose 2. hired a public pump-boat going to monreal ( fare php140, 3 hours travel ) and from the port of monreal you can hired a pump-boat going to san miguel island or you may contact Mr. renante the tourism in charge his contact no. 09399162602 or 09084067877. he will take care of you rate fare php700-php1,500/pax. it may vary from the number of passenger.

---choose 3. ( which one i choose )
---- from masbate pier ( 7am first trip going to lagundi, 45 mins.-1 hour travel time ) fare rate php80/ pax.
----from lagundi hired a habal-habal going to daplian ( php150 fare less than hour travel period or take a bus/jeep connecting to the pumboat via lagundi fare php50. )

----at daplian we rented a pumpboat going to san miguel island ( fare rate php1,000 2-3 hours travel, since we hired an small pumpboat it cost us long time travel i suggest to hired a big one to shorten the travel period.  

tips----- i also suggest to travel early in the morning so that you have aot of time to enjoy the place or if you have still an extra time, you can take an overnight stay at the beach. just inform the caretaker ahead of time for your overnight stay coz they only have limited accommodation room fr the guest, or just in case all rooms are occupied no worries you can set-up tent at the shore. and big take note the place has no electricity so you can unwind far away from your mobile gadget. you may also bring your own food they don't have a restaurant for the guest. 

things to do-----------------

-----------swimming and swimming until you drop
-----mag moment ng mag moment
-------just simply relax and enjoy the ambiance

note: proper coordination of the boatman is a must.

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