Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Travel guide: Masbate cogon the paradise: how to get there, what to do, expenses:

Sinibaran, San Fernando Masbate 

cogon is one of the secret paradise of Sinibaran San Fernando the place of my father luckily i discovered it with the help of my cousin. when my cousin talk to me about this place i feel so excited to visit this place to witness the beauty of it. 

this place really amazed me, cogon hit my expectation the beauty of mother nature. this place is perfect for unwind moment, to be stress out free, you can shout out, do things you wanted to do to make you feel better inside your soul and body.

how to get there:

>  this place is at Masbate City the cattle country of the phils.

> alot of access going to Masbate ( by land, sea, air )

> from Masbate pier area ride pumpboat going to lagundi ( fare 80/pax 45mins-1 hour travel period )

> at lagundi ride a bus or habal-habal going to daplian ( fare 50/pax 30mins-45mins. travel period )              note: ( drop off at daplin bridge )

note: you can get a guide from daplian going to cogon. ( if you wanted to go to this place don't hesitate to message me up i can help you out for the guide )

>estimated walking going to the peak 2-3 hours along walking the thrill you will definitely enjoy the perfect view.
note: cogon much more perfect by raining season because the grass is slowly growing.  

how to get there:

By bus

There's a daily trip going to Masbate via RORO bus, the terminal is locate at Cubao, this is part of the nautical highway, the bus will be carried by the RORO boat,from Pilar to Masbate City port, is just ₱1,050 one way for aircon buses, ₱800 for one way for ordinary buses.

By plane

Airphil express, flying daily is now the only carrier from Manila to Masbate as Zest-air ceased flying to Masbate in May 2013. Cebu pacific also flies four times weekly from Cebu to Masbate having taken over the vacant Zest air slot.Please be aware that both airlines can and do cancel at very short notice, and it is not unusual to be returning to either Manila or Cebu when in flight due to poor weather conditions at Masbate. Both airlines leave from their respective terminals during early morning.

By boat
Via Pilar in the province of Sorsogon. By Fastcraft, it is a two hr ride from there, much longer if using other ferry options, which is what most of the people traveling to and from the province use. There are also boats from Lucena in Luzon and Cebu in the Visayas.

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