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Travel guide: Tumalog Water falls ( oslob cebu ) via Sibonga ( simala ) cebu city: how to get there, what to do, expenses:

Tumalog Water falls ( oslob ) via Sibonga ( simala )
cebu city

oslob cebu is popular with butanding ( whale shark ) aside from butanding tourist spot they have also a relaxing water falls, tumalog water falls were in you can also enjoy. after bonding with the whale shark visit oslob tumalog water falls.

how to get there:

> from cebu south bus terminal - ceres ( 3 hours travel - fare Php145 )

> just tell the driver to drop you off at the intersection going to falls. ( from the high way it takes 10-20 mins. ride habal-habal or multi-cab, ( habal-habal rate Php100 per head ( 2 ways ) if you are from the resort of butanding , Php 140 per head multi-cab rate, Php25 per head habal-habal if you are from the intersection going to the falls.

> in the area close to falls you will walk down hill estimated 5-10 mins. walk ( enjoy the ambiance while walking )

> the driver will wait for you, it up to you what time you wanted to pick you up from the falls.

from oslob side trip to sibonga to visit the famous Simala Mama mary sanctuary

enjoy the trip.................

how to get to Cebu:

By plane

Departure taxes
International flights: 550 Philippine pesos (₱). Filipino nationals and permanent residents must also pay the Philippine Travel Tax of ₱1,620 before they can be issued a boarding pass.
Domestic flights: ₱200 (included in airfare).

Mactan-Cebu International Airport (link to Wikipedia article) (IATACEB) (ICAORPVM), [1]. This international and domestic airport is a modern alternative to the congested Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila and passport control and baggage handling is fairly fast and efficient. There are numerous direct daily flights to and from Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and scheduled flights to Japan, Qatar, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. Aside from this, the airport serves several seasonal charter flights to Russia, China, the United States, and other nations.
Mactan Cebu International is also the main domestic hub outside Manila with a variety of flights around the Philippine archipelago such as to ManilaKaliboPuerto PrincesaBoracay, Clark (just near Angeles City), Siargao (Surigao), ZamboangaDavaoBacolodIloiloCagayan de OroCotabatoCamiguinGeneral Santos, andTacloban, among others.
Visitors from North AmericaEuropeMiddle East, and the rest of the world may fly first to Singapore or Hong Kong or Seoul or Kuala Lumpur or Doha to catch a flight to Cebu. If you don't mind braving the horrendous traffic and the cacophonic noise of Manila, you will get a faster connection to Cebu, for there are more than 20 flights daily between the two cities or almost two flights every hour. There are also flights to Cebu from Clark International airport, from which there are further flights on discount airlines to MacauKuala LumpurBangkokSingapore and other points. An extension is under construction.

Lapu-Lapu who is considered the Philippine's first national hero.
Getting in/out - The airport is on Mactan Island in Lapu-Lapu city. It takes about 20-30 min to get to the actual city of Cebu. From the Airport you will need to hire a taxi. If you are staying at one of the nicer hotels they usually can send a free van to pick you up at airport. If you forgot to ask for this you may find that the van of your hotel is there to pick someone else up and you can hitch a ride if there is room. Facilities and amenities at the airport include a shopping center, duty-free shop, souvenir shops, caf├ęs, business centers, food shops, communication facilities, banking facilities, car rentals, hotel and resort reservations, and beauty and health services. Taxis to town are about ₱150-200, but are the only options at night.
[edit]To Cebu City Center by Jeepney
This trip requires three steps:
  1. Take the yellow multi-cab (similar to Jeepney) in front of the Departure Hall to the "Save More" supermarket at the highway. It is a very short ride of about 5 to 10 minutes. ₱8.
  2. Take a Jeepney on the highway to the "Park Mall" shopping mall (e.g. line 23 - to be confirmed). To reach the highway, you continue walking for ca. 30 meters in the direction the multicab from 1. was driving, then, you cross the highway. About ₱10.
  3. Take any Jeepney that brings you to the city center (e.g. line 01K, which goes via the North Bus Terminal to Colon Street). ₱8.
Note: The whole journey takes quite a lot of time. It is not known, whether you can do this trip with (a lot of) luggage as space in the Jeepneys is very limited and it can get very crowded. A smaller backpack was fine, though.

[edit]By boat

Cebu City's domestic port is the country's busiest. Cebu City is home to almost 80 percent of the country's passenger vessels. The country's largest shipping lines, namely WG&A, Sulpicio Lines, Trans-Asia, George & Peter Lines and Lorenzo Shipping Lines, are headquartered in Cebu.
Large passenger ferries with a capacity of 2,000 to 4,000 passengers ply the more distant routes such as ManilaDavaoButuan CityZamboanga and Cagayan de Oro. Medium-sized vessels such as the roll-on/roll-off (roro) types ply nearer destinations while fast ferries transport passengers to and from neighboring islands in two hours or less depending on the destination.


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