Thursday, March 29, 2012

TRAVEL GUIDE: Hidden Paradise San Fernando, Cebu

hidden paradise
san fernando, cebu

hidden paradise is close to heaven to relax and unwind because of its ambiance.
from cebu city its only take 2 hours travel to reach san fernando.

a lot of amenities to enjoy from pool to water sports activities:

-------try their unique and thrilling zip-line, at the end of line the cable wire automatically cut and you will be bump-up at the pool.

---- the monkey cable ride

-----the inflatable rides

-----the pool

----the fish pond 

---- the ambiance

how to get there:

hidden paradise has a package van to pick you up from the city, just coordinate from the resort.

for walk-in trip backpackers:
> cebu - san fernando -(estimated php20 )
just tell the driver to drop you off to iskina going to hidden paradise.
>san fernando- resort (php50 per head - habal-habal)
you can negotiate the driver for the price.


> entrance fee -php100
>(if ever) corkage fee - php35
>room accommodation (alot of choices) - php600-3,500
>optional - zipline -php75 ( one way )
> optional - zip flash with monkey ride ( one way ) - php100 - highly recommended this...
> optional - inflatable rides - php100 per head ( 20mins.)
> cebu - san fernando php20 ( 2 ways ) - 40
> san fernando - resort php50 (2 ways) - 100

enjoy your trip......hope this well help.......

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