Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Explore Argao Cebu ( must visited places in agrao )

1. Balay sa Agta ( cave )

note:  if your planing to go here ( balay sa agta cave ) ask first for the assistance in thier municipality for your own  safety. local barangay  / local mountaineer are willing to guide you all the way to the cave.

2. Bugasok Falls

cliff board area ( 25 feet high )

3. Riverstone Castle

note: Riverstone castle is so nice you will feel that you are the prince and the queen in their rock formation. a lot of amenities inside the castle surely you will enjoy.

4. Visit San miguel Archangel Church of Argao ( one of the oldest church in cebu )

5. Swim and Relax at the beach

6. don't forget to buy their famous torta ( pasalubong )

7. Argao nature park

note: inside this park they also have a lot of adventure to offer ( zipline, boating, animal encounter, etc..) 

enjoy the trip......................

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