Tuesday, February 14, 2012

17th hot air balloon fiesta ( freeport zone angeles pampanga )

this is my first time to experience hot air balloon fiesta its remind me of my childhood playing balloon and kite running under the sun with my brother it made me laugh while silently enjoying the fiesta.

17th hot air balloon fiesta 2012 ( Freeport zone Clark Pampanga ). hot air balloon fiesta is a celebration every month of February ( depending on whether condition ). a lot of hot air balloon entry coming from different country to joined the festival of giant balloons. surely you will enjoy this fiesta from giants balloon, giants kite, giants lanterns, different kind of aircraft display, weapon, etc.


----from NAIA ride a taxi going to Pasay terminal ( victory liners )
metered taxi - Php117

-----From Pasay terminal ride a bus to dau terminal Clark 
bus fare -Php146/pax

----From dau terminal ride a jeep going to main gate Clark
jeep fare - Php8/pax

----From the main gate ride a jeep going to freeport zone pampanga
jeep fare -Php10/pax

entrance fee - Php200/pax


----Enjoy the different kind display of aircraft, weapon, etc. 

----enjoy watching different kind of air show ( aircraft exhibition )

----enjoy watching different sizes of balloon ( hot air balloon )

----enjoy watching giant size of lantern ( as Pampanga is the lantern capital of the Philippines )

----a lot also of souvenir items to buy. 

----take every photo to captured moment together with your friends.

-----a lot of food/drinks to enjoy inside the field. that comes from the different provinces specialty ( no need to worry )


---Freeport Zone Clark Pampanga is an open field so bring umbrella, jacket, tent, cap, shades, or anything that can cover you from the heat of the sun.

----Cigarette and sharp object is not allow inside.

 list this event for your next year trip definitely you will enjoy......

enjoy the trip........................

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